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Tailor your Practice Management Software so it’s perfect for you

Get your medical practice working smarter.

If admin is driving you nuts, our squirrels can crack the code to get things working perfectly. We tailor your practice management software to give you super easy access to information, make data entry squirrel’s play and streamline processes. Our specialty is programming integrations to remove manual processes and get your software tools working seamlessly.

We are officially NICE, recognised by Nookal as super squirrels for helping improve your practice management with tailor made features.

So if you feel like you’re chasing your tail, take the first step to a smarter future.

Off the shelf is great, tailor-made is even better

You have already invested in practice management software and it’s doing a good job for your medical practice. You’ve got less paperwork, more information for better decisions, and it’s easier to run and manage your practice. Have you ever found yourself thinking, “if only it could do this, or that”? That’s where we come in.

Practice Management Software

 A health check for your practice

75% of small businesses report being stronger and healthier as a direct result of reducing paperwork. We are always happy to help save some trees, but more importantly, you will enjoy improvements in productivity and job satisfaction at your practice. Our team of specially bred Squirrels are inquisitive by nature. We listen and understand your challenges. Chances are we’ve already helped someone with similar challenges. We bring all of our expertise to the table and work together with you to ensure your practice is healthier and your team feels the benefits of a more productive work place.

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