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Application & Code Auditing

Our seasoned squad will give your application, code, architecture, and design a thorough once-over, providing a detailed rundown of discoveries and suggestions.

Let's Get Cracking In-Depth Scrutiny

Our design team brings a mixed bag of experiences, from running small ventures to product management in mega-corporations, business process innovation, and framing business and marketing strategies.

We’re perfectly placed to review software that holistically considers every aspect of your business, ensuring the final report gives you a comprehensive view.

We’ve worked on line-of-business applications scaling from sprouting start-ups to ASX 200 giants and are seasoned in scrutinising for…

⦁ Development team efficiency 

⦁ Coding norms 

⦁ Application Scalability 

⦁ Security and secure design 

⦁ Object-oriented, modular code layout 

⦁ Code documentation 

⦁ Over 100 other quality control checkpoints

Solutions Offered

⦁ A breakdown of any and all issues identified 

⦁ Evidence with examples 

⦁ Rating of issue urgency (from Critical to Low) 

⦁ Suggested remediation pointers

This report is delivered as a document, and can be presented by our team via an in-person meeting, or Zoom (depending on location and availability). We also provide options for remediation by our team, should you wish to engage our services for assistance.

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Your Intellectual Property Is Safe In Our Tree

We regularly find ourselves crafting new and innovative projects, birthing products that don’t exist in the marketplace today, or are substantial improvements on what’s out there. If your project is a groundbreaking innovation you’d rather keep under wraps, you’re in the right tree. We offer a mutual non-disclosure agreement early on in the review process, safeguarding your ideas and any information you share with us during the project. If you have your preferred agreement document, we’re generally flexible in adopting it too.

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